Beyonce’ Is Ready For The SuperBowl…& So Is Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams!

Posted by: cnikky


This may be the most watched SuperBowl halftime show (by men) in the history of…EVER!  The gorgeous Beyonce Knowles is gearing up for the performance of a lifetime and she’s bringing her friends (and possibly her husband) along!

According to Fox News & The Bleacher Report:

Knowles will be introduced by 100 fans when she takes center stage at the Super Dome next weekend. The Pepsi-sponsored contest requires entrants to send in photos of themselves that will be featured in a commercial during the Super Bowl, and 50 of those entrants (plus a friend) will be chosen to introduce Beyoncé.

The fans will not be the only ones joining Beyoncé onstage, as she will also be joined at some point by her former Destiny’s Child protegé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

The trio will be performing some of their old hits from their Destiny’s Child days, and it is rumored that they will conclude their performance with their recently released song “Nuclear”. It is unclear as to what other songs they will be performing, but the set is likely to contain four to eight songs.

Another surprise guest may be in order as well, as Knowles is married to hip-hop legend, Jay-Z.

Excited to see this!  But, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams as Beyonce’s protege??? I don’t know about that Fox News and Bleacher report?

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