Beyonce Cuts Her Hair & Folks Loose Their Mind!

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beyonce hair cut

Beyonce’ shocked fans everywhere when she revealed her new haircut!  The supermom looks gorgeous (not everyone can rock short hair) and she wears it well!  Who knows how long she’s had it short, she is known for wearing wigs while performing, so maybe she just decided she was ready to share it with the world.  Her hair stylist Kim Kimble, is gearing up to style King Bey on a video shoot this weekend.

bey and kim kimble

She says,

 “I did not expect it, but I think it is a great shock. It’s amazing that she made a change. It shows a lot of confidence. It’s powerful that you won’t let one thing define you.”

She added: “She looks amazing. I think it makes a statement about people going natural. She is a beautiful girl and can do it.”

Now as for this weekend’s music video shoot? Kim says she’ll have to remix her hair plans. “I’ve got to rethink. I had a plan but now I am going to have to rethink it. Maybe think of the style I was going to do and give it a shorter twist. I am ready to roll with it!”

Courtesy: E! News

Bey is a mom to a 1 and a 1/2 year old little girl, so perhaps it’s just a bit easier to manage?  Whatever the case may be, some people hate it and some people love it!  What do you think?

USA Today:

Beyoncé unveiled a shocking new ‘do on Instagram Thursday, and of course, the Twitterverse imploded.
bey cut

Here are some reactions from celebrities about Beyoncé’s blonde pixie-cut, a look that her hairstylist Rita Hazan describes to USA TODAY as “old Hollywood meets modern day”:

Ellen DeGeneres joked about her short blonde cut:

“If you had trouble telling me and @Beyonce apart before…”

…While Katie Couric lamented her failed attempt at the look — and posted a throwback photo:

“Love Beyonce’s new do! Wish I could pull that off! I’ve tried…and failed!”

bey katie

Emma Watson, who made waves in 2010 when she shed her locks for a pixie cut:

“Nearly got out my scissors this morning after seeing @Beyonce ‘s pixie cut. I only just managed to restrain myself. Close call though.”

Fellow short-haired star Lena Dunham wrote,

“I feel like Beyonce is having a very different experience of short hair than I am #bowdown.”

Friday singer Rebecca Black had a very strong response to the superstar’s makeover:



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