Bet you didn’t know…Shaq is about to become Dr. O’NEAL!!

Posted by: cnikky

Yes, this is not a mis-print..Shaq Diesal is about to get his doctorite degree! This month he will officially become Dr. O’Neal! Raise your hand if you knew Shaq had a masters degree…o.k. now raise your hand if you knew the big guy was about to be a Doctor of Human Resource Development?? Not many people! Shaq has long been one of the NBA’s biggest stars. He is un-deniably charming, very silly and extremly out-spoken and talented.

He has been an All-Star, and MVP, an Olympic Athlete, a Movie Star, NBA Analyst and a Rapper (with actual sucess)! I don’t believe he could’ve achieved all of these things if he wasn’t smart! In an interview he did with Vibe Magazine, he explained why he chose to become a doctor: “My father beat the sh*t out of me until I became a leader. He also always stressed. “If you f*ck your knee up, what are you going to do?, So I educated myself. I never thought I could be a college guy. I started off with bullsh*t classes first because I wanted to get my GPA up. So I started with remedial English and remedial Math. I was like,”This sh*t ain’t that bad. And I kept doing it and got into business and marketing. Then it was like, let me go get my masters so they know I’m not your everyday athlete.

Then I was talking to a guy one day who was a doctor and I asked, what does it take to become a doctor? I always thought you had to be this smart nerdy guy to become a doctor. I admit I took the easiest one Human Resource Development. I wanted to do psychology but it was too much reading. I like reading, but I really don’t. I’ve been at it for 5 years, and I’m about to graduate in May. I’m going to be a doctor. Can you believe that sh*t? I don’t. Dr. O’Neal!

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