BET Cancels Being Mary Jane After 4 Fantastic Seasons of Black Girl Magic

Posted by: cnikky

BET executives,  just announced that one of our favorite series, Being Mary Jane, will not be returning.  It’s devastating to see a show that reflected the lives of so many women and men of color, be taken off air due to issues we may never really understand.  I remember watching the original movie and gasping about how many similarities myself, my friends and family had with these layered and beautifully written characters. I will be truly sad, not to curl up on the couch and watch every week.  I fell in love with Mary Jane Paul and her dysfunctional life.  And let’s be honest, many of us want to know what happens, because maybe we were secretly taking our cues in life based on the decisions our favorite family was making.  Good or bad, there was always a lesson.

After the shocking season finale (spoiler alert) when the sexy Justin (Michael Ealy) , dropped down on one knee and gave Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union) the marriage proposal she’s dreamed of the entire series, right after she implanted a strangers sperm into her hopeful eggs without him knowing….DRAMA right?!  Mary Jane chose to advance the career of her best friend over her boyfriend (right decision by the way) and while Kiera is elated, will Justin have to move to LA? And what is going on at home?  Her brother and sister are getting their lives together, but dad is divorcing mom and it’s like an episode of Maury with ‘You are NOT the baby’s father!’  Ok, I know that was a lot of run on sentences, but keep up people there’s a lot going on!

Needless to say, there is much more to explore and many more questions to answer, so this news is disappointing to all of the fans of the show! However, BET exec Connie Orlando, who is now the Head of Programming , announced that there will be a 2 hour movie finale in 2018, that will wrap up the series and all of the lose ends.

I have been a fan of the series since day one.  I was at the Four Seasons Hotel the day Mara Brok Akil and Salim Akil met with Gabrielle Union about the series, which also happened to be the day the Whitney Houston passed away.  I was there are the red carpet premiere of the series, both on the red carpet and in the audience. It was on my birthday and I skipped my own birthday dinner just to be there.  I used to write re-caps after every episode for my site.  I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing every cast member at different points in the first 3 seasons.  They are all incredible people.  And if you know anything about how I started, then you may know that I was inspired by the creators of BMJ, Salim Akil and Mara Brok Akil, who have continued to be an inspiration to all entrepreneurs who have a dream and the drive and the passion to go after it.  They are always gracious and they are still winning, so watch out for their new series on OWN, coming soon… Oh!  And thanks Mara for writing me into an episode!  I noticed you named a character Cherise, that made my whole year!

One note though…I hope Mara is writing the final movie because this is her baby and no one can tell the story like her.  And if we can’t see Omari Hardwick one last time because he’s too busy getting revenge on Power, can BET play a replay of that episode, when he and Mary Jane get it on in the shower at the gym?  Those two wrote the book on on-screen chemistry!!

Until, we say our final farewell in 2018, here is a Flashback Favorite of the Premiere of Being Mary Jane.  I have an entire thread of interviews with the cast on my channel CNikkyblog as well!  Enjoy!

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