Being Mary Jane Episode 5 Re-Cap & Insights: The Return Of David….

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Being Mary Jane Episode 5 7


Well, well, well….Welcome back David.  We’ve been wondering where you’ve been.  In episode 5 of our favorite new drama, we witness the return of David and the reveal of Mary Jane’s true feelings for him.  Can’t say we’re surprised.  Looks like she wants that old thang back!

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Episode 5 opens with Andre showing MJ his new apartment.  Yes, he has officially left his wife and is moving on.  But, unfortunately for him, the loft will not be ready for him to move in for another month.  So, what it the solution?  Move in with Mary Jane Of course!

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 1

Let the celebration begin!  The adulterous lovers are now co-habitating and loving it.  They go to work during the day and come home to each other at night.

Being Mary Jane Episode 5

While, they are loving the new situation, they are quickly reminded that they still have to remain discreet when MJ’s neighbor and co-worker Mark comes to take out her trash.  Andre has to hide behind the table, in order to not be seen.  But, it leads to a nice make-out session so everything is fine..right?

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 11

While un-packing, Andre finds MJ’s post it notes that she took down out of embarrassment before he moved in.  He encourages her to put them back up and not be afraid to be who she is around him.


Being Mary Jane episode 5

At ACN, Kara is back to pitching a story and creating drama.  Apparently, MJ’s college friend, Terrence (Ludacris) is a well respected journalist, who wrote a series of articles that spiked prison reform and helped a lot of people.  His credibility is being threatened by a source that claims he fabricated the truth.  Kara wants MJ to call him in to talk about the truth, but not before she launches her own private investigation into the facts.

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 3

Reluctantly, MJ agrees to the story after meeting with Terrence and him telling her that he did not lie in his articles.  Unfortunately, he is not telling the truth and MJ has to decide to expose her friend (who has only made positive changes in the community) or follow her ethical standards and allow the source to tell their side of the story, which will ultimately bring Terrence’s career down.  She chooses the latter and finds her decision so hard to deal with, she vomits after the story airs.  Terrence does not show up for the humiliating broadcast.

 *Did MJ do the right thing by exposing her friend as a fraud?  Probably not.  While, it’s true that another outlet might have exposed him anyway, sometimes you have to listen to your heart instead of practical thoughts.  The truth is this person had not harmed anyone.  He embellished the truth, which is wrong, but let’s be honest, politicians do that every single day!  What matters is, that his actions helped thousands of people and was creating a positive change in the community.  In this situation, sometimes you have to walk away and say, ‘I don’t wan to be apart of this.’  There is always another story.

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 7

MJ’s mom is throwing down the gauntlet after finding out that her husband did not purchase the most expensive table and the charity gala she founded many years ago.  Although, their financial situation is not what it used to be, she demands he FIX IT and get her the best table so that they can continue to keep up appearances.

*Why are people always trying to keep up with the Jones’s?  If you can not afford the lifestyle you were once accustomed to, put the check book down!  Don’t become one of those people leasing the Benz and sleeping in your mama’s basement just to make ends meet!  Yes, she deserves to be happy, but both husband and wife need to make equal cutbacks and get some sense!

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 0

So, who does this fool go to for help?  None other than the same woman that came on to him in previous episodes.  She agrees to help him by giving up her table, but only if he agrees to give her what she wants.

*Now, you know he’s wrong for this one.

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 8

We finally delve into the life of MJ’s youngest brother, who is in college to become an architect.  He seems to be a rising star and his internship at an architecture firm, but when he leaves his internship, he heads to another job.  Bike messenger maybe?

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 5

Nope.  Sophistacated drug dealer…Yes!  Damn, homie.  Looks like her brother is on his way to flushing his entire future down the drain.  He is shown selling marijuana door to door for major cash, but it is pretty clear his latest sell, will turn out to be to the wrong man.  DEA maybe?

*Honestly, can’t be mad at the young brother.  Why?  Because his parents are setting an example, that a good life isn’t good enough!  He see’s them stretching pennies to keep up appearances and have the finer things, so he is doing the same.  Yes, he is getting a great education and has a bright future when he graduates, but he wants money now, not a year from now.  It’s the same problem so many of us face.  Wanting instant gratification.  Being impatient and downright stupid.

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As MJ cozies up to her new living situation with Andre, she gets comfortable enough to invite him to attend her families gala with her.  He declines due to the simple fact that HE IS STILL MARRIED! He has enough respect for his wife to not want to public embarrass her by going public with his mistress.  While, they may be playing house, the real world waits for them outside.

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 9

Oh, Hello David!  While attending the gala, MJ’s mother invited David to come over to their table to MJ’s dismay.  He still looks incredible and it becomes clear that MJ’s family is a big fan of his and has been keeping in touch with him regularly.  With her father even advising him on his deal to sell his company for $12 million dollars!  Yes.  He is fine, her family loves him and now he is going to be extremely wealthy!

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 7

In Andre’s absence, David is starting to look real good.  Clearly the chemistry is thick and when he ask her to dance, they nearly kiss.  But, before they re-ignite their romance, David drops a bomb on MJ.  He is in a serious relationship, with another woman.

*That old thing is starting to look real good!  While, it still hasn’t been completely revealed why they ended their long term relationship in the past, David has one up on Andre.  He is not married!  It’s funny that this situation is happening in reverse.  Usually it’s the man that messes up the relationship, only to later find out that the one that got away is now, gorgeous, successful, happy and moving on with someone new.  In most cases, it’s too late to get that old thing back.  Maybe that’s not the case for MJ….maybe it is.  But, one things for sure.  Sometimes that old thing should remain that old thing!

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Here comes the tramp!  The ‘family friend’ comes to the Paul’s table to collect her “fee.”  What did she want for giving her table up?  Some alone time with MJ’s dad.  He complies by asking her to dance in front of his wife

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 3

The duo hit the dance floor to do the two step.  But, Mrs. Paul ain’t having it for too long.  After being urged by MJ to go get her man, she does just that.

Being Mary Jane Episode 5 2

She cuts in and reminds the room, who his one and only lady is.  It’s nice to see them on the dance floor together.  The tramp scurries away.

*Mama MJ was wrong for pimping her man out.  Let’s hope that her being so secure in her relationship that she can use her husband to get what she wants, doesn’t bite her in the butt later….

Being Mary Jane episode 5 10

MJ’s bestie is her date for the evening.  After witnessing her and David together, she gives MJ some tough love.  You were wrong in that relationship.  David was right not to trust you.  These revelations; her chemistry with David, her families love for him, realizing she did him wrong and his new found love with another woman, is almost too much to bear.  She leaves the gala feeling lost and brokenhearted.

*Sometimes you need a real friend to tell you the truth, even if it hurts.  Sometimes they just need to shut the heck up.

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Ironically, she comes home to Andre.  While, the day before she was happy to come home to her ‘new man,’ that left his wife to be with her, now she is second guessing everything.  Andre thinks she is upset about him not attending the gala with her and he promises her that he will be there by her side next year.  But, the reality is, what looked good on the outside is rotten on the inside. Andre can’t even see the storm that is headed his way.


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