Being Mary Jane Episode 3: Re-Cap & Insights ‘The Huxtables Have Fallen’

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Episode 3 of Being Mary Jane was riddled with addiction!  For the first time we find out about the past of Patrick Patterson (Mary Jane’s brother).  The episode starts with Mary Jane,  performing an oral service to Andre in her living room.  Yes, that means she has let him back into her life.  But, to our surprise, her brother Patrick walks in on her performing her oral transaction and we find out that not only does he know Andre from his past dealings as a club owner, but he also is well aware that Andre is married.  Mary Jane is not only embarrassed by her brother catching her, but also by the fact that she is a mistress.  Her frustration causes an unnecessary fight between her and Andre over a light in the pool.  He jumps in the water to fix her light and then crawls in between her legs for some much wanted make-up sex.

*We want to be disappointed in Mary Jane for going back to dirty dog Andre.  But, when we see him get out of that pool…dripping wet and being submissive.  We understand girl!!  Haven’t we all done something completely stupid in a moment of weakness??

Being Mary Jane Episode 3 CNikky


Back at the office, MJ’s producer, Kara is dealing with her new mission to help save Mark’s news show.  (A job that she did not want, especially because they do not like each other).  Mark does not show up for the meeting and when she confronts him about it, she is met with serious resentment.  He makes it clear that he does not want her help and he is happy, doing the news his way.

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In the meantime, Kara pitches a story to MJ about a women in her 30’s who died while sitting on her couch watching Showtime and no one noticed her or found her body for 3 years.  MJ agrees to do the story after she realizes that it could be her or other women like her, who are alone and isolated from the rest of the world.

*Isn’t it the worst when you are required to do something you never wanted to do in the first place and then you’re not appreciated!!  How many times have you wanted to say ‘Well, forget you!  I didn’t want to do this anyway!’  I know the feeling.  It’s sad that some people are really that isolated from friends and family.  Often times it’s because they’re not happy with themselves and they choose to deal with life on their own instead of feeling like they are being a burden to their family.  Be A Burden…no one should go through life alone.

Being Mary Jane Episode 3 CNikky 8Back at MJ’s parents house, the women in the family are planning a surprise party for Patrick to celebrate him being 2 years sober.  We learn that he suffered from a cocaine addiction in his past, that contributed to his life falling apart.  Apparently, he met his girlfriend in a drug rehab meeting and she wanted to show her gratitude for changing her life for the better.  Patrick is not interested in having a surprise party and he ask his father to talk them out of it.  He declines, assuring him that the family is just proud of him for getting ‘back on track.’

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MJ confronts Patrick about walking in on her and Andre and he tells her that she is also an addict.  Whether it be to sex, danger, Andre or just things that aren’t good for her, we’re not sure, but after she deletes Andre’s number from her phone and then calls the Apple store frantically to find out how to get it back….she realizes she is definitely an addict.

*It is important to celebrate lives victories along the way.  If you’re overcoming an addiction, loosing weight, you get a promotion, a new job, house or end a relationship that needed to be over, you should acknowledge your victories.  We spend too much time dwelling on the negatives in our lives and not enough time celebrating the positive.  Didn’t know you could be addicted to a person?  Well…think about the desperate things you’ve done in the past to keep someone interested, win them back or please them.  It’s an eye opener right…

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Now that MJ knows she’s an addict, she asks her brother to tell her what he does when he’s jonesing?  He takes her to his place of distraction…their Aunt’s house. MJ hasn’t been by there in over a year and it’s apparent why.  Their house is full of kids and chaos!  There is a random man walking around in his draws and the children in the house confront MJ about why she never comes around.

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She realizes that it’s not right that she has isolated herself from her family so much, that the kids don’t even recognize their own cousin.  Who knew she would have to explain herself to a bunch of kids!

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After they leave their Aunt’s house, they take a ride to the club that Patrick used to own.  They reflect on the fabulous life he used to live before he lost it all.  He shares with her his aspirations to start a new business.  MJ offers her help.  But, instead of asking her for the money he needs to start his business, he simply lends a helping hand and ask her to call him whenever she feels the need to call Andre.

* How many of us only talk to or see our family once a year, during the holidays.  I know sometimes our families can be a bit much to deal with.  But, we do only have 1 family.

Being Mary Jane episode 3 CNikky


The episode ends with Mark and Kara working out their differences and agreeing to work together to make his news show work.  Patrick goes home, where he is met by his father who is not pleased with him coming home at 2am.  He then goes into his room and reveals to us, why he did not want the 2 Year Anniversary for Being Sober party.  He has fallen off the wagon, given into his addiction and started using cocaine again.  Sadly, we pan over to Mary Jane’s house, only to find that she has given into her addiction as well.  Andre is laying by her side in bed.

*No one ever said overcoming an addiction was easy.  No matter how hard you want to rid yourself of terrible habits, sometimes you find yourself in a moment of weakness.

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