‘Being Mary Jane’ Episode 2 Re-Cap & Insights: Frozen Sperm & Marriage Proposals

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Three words….Proposal & Frozen Sperm.  That’s the best way to describe episode 2 of BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane!’  Omari Hardwick (Andre) is not only back, but after the steamy sex in the shower on episode 1, the brother is ready to put a ring on it!  This episode opens with him inviting Mary Jane to their secret rondevue spot.  He then tells her he loves her and admits that he was always intending to tell her the truth.  He then drops a bomb on her by asking her to marry him with a beautiful diamond ring.  After a single tear  drops from her eye, she storms out of the hotel room in disbelief.

*So….the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life happens (a gorgeous successful man proposes to you) and nothing about the moment is the way you would’ve imagined.  He doesn’t get down on one knee, no flowers, candles and asking your father’s hand in marriage.  Oh, and did I forget…he’s already married with children!!!  And you’re the other woman 🙂 Damn homie!

Being Mary Jane Episode 2 CNikky Andre

This episode delves a little deeper into the relationship of Mary Jane and her family.  Margaret Avery, who plays her mother, is suffering from Lupus.  She refuses to do normal things with her family, like go on a drive with her husband, because she is afraid of falling deathly ill.  While out to dinner with her father, played by Richard Roundtree, they are approached by a family friend.  An attractive older woman who is recently divorced and clearly flirting with her dad.

Being Mary Jane CNikkyAlthough she arms her dad of the woman’s true intent, she is shocked to see the same woman at her parents home the next day…stopping by to ‘check’ on her mother and ‘visit’ with her father.  Mary Jane makes it clear to both her father and the woman, that she knows it’s not right.  In a touching moment alone with her mother.  She realizes that her mother is nt surprised at all, because she knows she is not the woman she used to be.

*It’s sad that when a spouse is sick or dying, it seems the right thing to do is to stay by their side until the end.  But, is it fair to ask them to stop living their life, having fun and enjoying the company of others, because you are not able to any longer? That’s a very difficult situation.

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At work Mary Jane is at odds with her producer, played by Lisa Vidal.  She is upset that she took the job as the consulting producer on her friends show, without telling her.  They have an argument because Mary Jane feels betrayed and Lisa feels as though she had no choice.  To add salt to the wound, Mary finds out that her old friend is in town.  The same old friend that took her job after she was let go from her former television network.  Not only did she replace her, but she in now been promoted to the Morning show and she is engaged to be married.  (Everything Mary Jane wants for her life).  She then receives a package in the mail…the ring with a note asking her to think about the proposal.

*So, you feel like you can’t trust anyone at work because your ‘Friend,’ is doing business behind your back.  Then you find out that your former ‘friend’ that replaced you so easily when you were fired, is basically living the life you wanted.  Envy is a mother sucker….

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Andre (Omari Hardwick) makes the journey home, for the first time, since his wife found out he was having an affair.  After a passive aggressive discussion about another couple who is dealing with infidelity, she slides him a post pre-nip asking him to sign it.  The terms include giving her their homes, 75% of his business and full custody of the kids if he cheats again.  He not only refuses, but warns her to never threaten to take his kids away from him.

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He suggest that he move into a hotel room after walking in on her crying in their bedroom closet.  They eventually have a heated argument about the fact that if they divorce, he gets his woman and what does she get?  She met him when he had nothing and now that she’s groomed him, stood by his side, built him up and had his children, he’s going to leave her for another women?  She courageously points out that no man will want her because she has 2 children and a stomach full of stretch marks from having his children.  While the argument is going on, his phone keeps ringing.  It’s Mary Jane.

*Whoa!  I felt like I was watching Waiting to Exhale all over again!  Ladies…how many times have you been with a guy that had nothing, taught him how to dress, helped him get his isn together and then the newer better version of him goes and cheats on you?!!!!  Please, don’t get me started. (Just know, he can leave…but he will never be as spectacular without you as he was with you by his side ).

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While the drama is in full swing at Andre’s house, Mary Jane has her own circus going on.  She’s invited he girlfriends over for some fun.  Lisa Vidal makes peace with a bottle of wine and a big hug.  While they both have cool heads, they realize that they both were in the wrong.  Mary Jane was looking out for her best interest and Lisa was only doing what she had to to survive.  Then her former friend and replacement pops in…looking glamourous and happy.

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After a couple of glasses of wine and some dancing, she opens up about buying her own engagement ring and worrying that taking that right away from her fiancé might ruin their marriage.  Since, everyone is confessing, Mary Jane breaks out the frozen sperm.  The ladies are in shock and she admits that she tried it and it did not work because she is not pregnant.  Her friend, the doctor is furious with her for being so stupid, while the other ladies rally around her efforts to have a family.  Mary Jane does not share with anyone the fact that Andre has proposed.  When the ladies leave, she decided to call him and ask him over to discuss their relationship.  He does not answer.

*This is a perfect example of how the grass is not always greener.  You can envy a person that you think has everything you want.  But, you don’t know what it took for them to get it.  There is a lot of sadness behind a smile.  She has the perfect marriage and family…he’s cheating on her.  She has the perfect job…she’s stressed about loosing it every day.  She has the perfect house…she can’t pay her mortgage.  You never know?  Envy causes you to make stupid decisions.

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