Being Mary Jane Episode 1 Highlights & Insights

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Being Mary Jane 1

Our favorite new show, ‘Being Mary Jane,’ premiered last night on BET!  The sexy, frustrating and incredibly relatable show starring Gabrielle Union, had fans waiting for almost a year after the movie gave us a taste of what we can expect from the groundbreaking show.  Mara Brok Akil and Salim Akil, creators of ‘The Game,’ and ‘Girlfriends’ among other projects, are the master minds behind the show.  Mara writes for the everyday woman who’s voice is not often heard.  Therefore we declare that we are addicted to this show and we vow to do re-caps and give insight on each episode as often as possible!! (Not to mention it also stars my movie boo Omari Hardwick!!)


In the first episode, Mary Jane rushes to rescue her friend from an apparent suicide attempt by overdose. Mary breaks into her home to get to her friend, slicing open her own hand in the process.  She is successful, but it sets the series up for the fact that she is always coming to someone else’s rescue with reckless abandon for her own well being.

Sound familiar to any of you?? How many times have you found yourself exhausted from fixing everyone else’s problems and neglecting your own?

omari hardwick being mary jane

Once she leaves her friends house she returns home to find her ex-boyfriend, David still in her home from the sexy night before.  While this is a welcomed surprise, they are soon interrupted when her latest lover Andre (Omari Hardwick), shows up at her gate and tries to punch the code in to talk to her.  David comes out to question Andre, who sizes him up and tells him that he only pulled over to send a text message.  The men have a moment of recognizing their competition (which is great) while Mary Jane cowers in the living room, hoping for the best.

*This moment was so unexpected because we are used to seeing men balance two women, not women balance two men.  But, when you are dating, this can easily be a reality!

Being Mary Jane 1

Not happy about seeing David at Mary Jane’s house, Andre follows her to her coffee spot and confronts her about not returning his calls.  He is still in the dog house after deceiving her about being a married man with children.  And he desperately wants to talk to her and explain his actions.  She is not having it and she speeds off, leaving him in the street looking wonton.

*It’s the worse feeling when you see a man that you love that has done you wrong.  It’s so hard to walk away, but you feel stronger when you are capable of doing it.


When she gets to work, she has a surprise waiting for her….Andre’s wife shows up to confront her about the details of their affair.  She ask her shockingly personal questions like, “Does he go down on you?” “Do you cum every time you have sex?” and “Does he love you?”  “Have you met my children?”  Mary Jane answers, “It is a requirement,” “Yes,” “Yes, he only said it once, but Yes,” and “No.”  His wife then leaves her office and heads to the bathroom leaving us to assume she is going to cry it out in private. Mary Jane then Google’s his wife, only to find out that she is also a very respected and accomplished business woman.

*While we’ve never really seen this on television before, if you’ve been cheated on by someone you really loved, you do want to know all of the details!!  Having someone cheat on you makes you feel inadequate (although you shouldn’t) and you need to know what the other person has or was doing that you didn’t do! What drew your partner to them and away from you?  Why wasn’t your love enough? Bravo Mara, right on the money!


While her personal life is in shambles, she has to get it together to be the sucessful on camera anchor for the news network.  This first episode delves into the relationship between her and her producer (Kara) who are both trying to prove themselves in a male dominated industry.  While Mary Jane is single and wanting a man and children (i.e. freezing David’s sperm in the movie), her producer is divorced with 2 young children.  Kara walks in on a conversation with Mary Jane’s neighbor and co-worker and when he leaves her office, she says,”I can’t stand him!”  Love that line!  Today they are dealing with a hurricane in Florida which causes them both to have to cancel their plans.  Mary Jane cancels her date with David and Kara can’t come to her child’s recital once again.  During the the telecast, Kara pushes Mary Jane to exploit a scared old couple into staying on camera as the terrifying hurricane hits.  Kara wants ratings and Mary Jane cares more about integrity.  In the end, Kara gets rewarded for her ballsy behavior when the station manager congratulates her for a job well done.

*Love, love love!  How many times have you exchanged pleasantries with someone you work with that you really don’t like at all, just to remain professional?  It happens daily! How many women sacrifice their personal lives for work? Most women! It was also great that it was just as important when Mary canceled her date as it was that the producer missed her kids recital. How many of us have done something for our job that we are not proud of, but we are trying find the moral compass of playing the game and keeping our sanity? How many times have you been congratulated for doing the wrong thing?  Sad but true.

David Being Mary Jane

After the telecast, Mary Jane calls David to see if he’d like to come over and spend some time, only to find out that he is on his way to pick up another woman for dinner.  Mary Jane is furious over the fact that she had only canceled their date 2 hours prior and he had already made plans with someone else.  He also admitted that he occasionally sleeps with this woman and Mary Jane has no right to be mad because they are not in a committed relationship and she was obviously sleeping with the guy at her gate that morning (Andre)!  She hangs up on him in disbelief, but knowing that he is right.

*Well…we can’t be mad at him for moving on.  Although we always want to feel like the man or woman we are dating will be waiting around for our call.

Mary Jane At The Gym

Mary Jane decides to go to the gym to work off her frustration and she runs into the one person she does not want to see…Andre.  He follows her into the ladies locker room where she is preparing to take a shower.  An argument ensues where she begins to cry over the fact that she made plans for their future and she thought he was the one.  He tells her that he never meant for any of this to happen and that he was sorry and he loves her.  She tells him that his wife knows about their affair and she ask him for the password to his phone so that she can delete the naked pictures of herself from his camera.  She then discovers a picture of his kids on his phone and is overwhelmed by emotion.  This emotion turns into the steamiest make up sex we’ve seen on television in a long time!


*While we always want to hate the other woman (except on Scandal)  the truth is she did not know he was married when she fell in love with him.  He is also clearly in love with her and since Omari (Andre) is one of my favorite people on the planet, I can’t help but want to see more of him on the show. However, many people were so mad at her for giving in to this man who lied to her and is clearly not in her best interest.  He deserves to be alone.  No wife.  No Mary Jane.

The next episode teases us with the notion that Andre may propose to Mary Jane and leave his wife.  She doesn’t take it well of course and threatens to take their children away from them.  I’m hooked to this show.  Great job Mara, Salim, Gabrielle, Omari and BET.  Look for my exclusive interviews with the cast coming soon!

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