Beast Of The Southern Wild Is A Must See! Watch These Amazing Interviews W/The Cast

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 8 Year Old Quvenzhane Wallis and the amazing Dwight-Henry may be receiving well deserved Oscar nominations this year for the magical film, Beasts of The Southern Wild! predicted young Wallis as a star on the rise several weeks ago…and I hate to say I told you so but…..
The most prolific thing about the two lead actors is that neither one of them had acting experience!  Wallis was one of 4,000 kids that auditioned in an old school in Louisiana.  She had to lie and say she was 6 years old in order to audition (at the time she was 5).  The now, 8 year old phenom is one of the most talked about new actors of the year.  Dwight Henry steals the heart of the audience and it’s almost impossible to believe that he was just the man who owned the bakery across the street from the school where they were having auditions!  The chemistry between the father/daughter duo is that of veteran actors.  Now, the bakery owner is the talk of Hollywood and filming his second movie, Twelve Years a Slave, alongside Brad Pitt, Alfre Woodard and Paul Giamatti.  Oh, how your life can change in the blink of an eye.  The story is extremely touching, relatable and emotionally draining.  You will laugh, cry and want to call your parents at the end, to say Thank You.
The cast has been busy doing interviews around town, check out the adorable Wallis on Jay Leno and Henry, Wallis and the director at the Cannes Film Festival.  Both very funny and interesting interview:


Watch Dwight Henry (looking fresh) and Wallis talk about how they got the roles (interesting)!


Wallis on Jay Leno


Watch the trailer below:  Beast Of The Southern Wild in theaters now!


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