Bad News: Deception is Officially Cancelled…Meagan Good & Laz Alonso Are In Good Spirits

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Bad News…Our friends Laz Alonso and Meagan Good will not be returning to NBC for another season of their drama, Deception.  After months of campaigning, NBC recently made the decision to cancel the show .  The sexy drama had a strong following, but the ratings were apparently not good enough to bring the show back for a second season.  Meagan Good broke the bad news to her fans over twitter.


I’m sorry everyone… I just wanted to let you know that NBC has decided not to renew DECEPTION… and I just wanted you guys to hear from me first… I am so thankful …and humbled ..and blessed by the out pour of love and support -to see it come back.. and saddened that it is not… Thank you so much for supporting me 🙂 means so much… Well as I can before 🙂 …Daddy always does best onward and upward 🙂 … Thank you NBC for the Opportunity– I’m definitely better for it ! … Lego ..

Laz Alonso tweeted:

“Thanks 2 all those who loved, supported & fought 4 #Deception!!! #BestFansEver.”

While we were hoping they gave the show a second chance, we’re sure that both Meagan and Laz will continue to shine on the big screen.  Meagan is working on Anchorman 2 and Think Like A Man 2.  So, the talented actors will be just fine.

Watch our interview with Laz about Deception for old times sake:


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  • Sarah

    I thought Meagan Good was quite good in her role, however, Laz Alonso was miscast. He does not have the screen presence or charisma to be a leading man or a romantic love interest. He lacks the ability to connect or generate chemistry that makes you root for him. Hopefully, Laz stays off my screen, he adds no value, just takes up valuable space that should be devoted to someone who actually has the skills to act.