Azealia Banks highly anticipated performance at Coachella

Posted by: cnikky

This weekend new rapper/model Azealia Banks hit the stage at Coachella for a highly anticipated performance. The new female MC has been in the headlines lately for her comparisons to Nicki Minaj and her public dis-like of fellow new-comer Iggy Azalea. When a new artist hits the scene and drums up major buzz while getting co-signed by some of the biggest names in the industry, the major question that arises is whether or not the artist can deliver during a live stage show. Azealia Banks took the stage at Coachella over the weekend and… be the judge? Warning: Explicit Lyrics!

Donning a long purple ombre weave, a 2-piece striped pants combo and combat boots, she performed over 20 minutes of her recently released material in a packed-out tent. For those watching at home, the show was filled with numerous crotch shots (thanks to the producers of the live youtube stream), but Azealia seemed to hold her own as she paced back and forth across the stage spitting profanity-laced and witty lyrics over electronic, house and hip-hop produced tracks. During the show, Azealia said herself, “This is the biggest crowd I’ve ever performed for,” and the crowd left pleased.

Source: Necole

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