ASHLEE SIMPSON Has A New..Um..Music Video?? & Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Builds Huge Mansion With His Money!

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Ashlee Simpson has noticeably taken a long hiatus from music, in order to pursue acting (Melrose Place), get married and divorced, have a baby and enjoy life.  But now, she is ready to come back with the up coming release of her album that she’s been working on for the past two years and the video for her first single BAT FOR A HEART.  She is back with a brand new sound and it’s very difficult to classify.  Before, she was a little Alternative Rock, but now…she’s just different.  Not Bad or good, just different (nothing wrong with that).  In all fairness, she has gone through a lot recently, first with her divorce from rocker Pete Wentz, then with her parents divorce after 34 years of marriage being announced and now with her father Joe Simpson coming out of the closet as being gay.  It’s a lot to take in, so maybe this is her way of releasing her frustration?  If, so we are glad she’s channeling her frustration in a positive way.  Honestly, I’m just a little shocked by this direction, but do you boo! Let me know what you think!

Watch Ashlee’s teaser for Bat For A Heart below:


In other news…the ex-wife of Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren took the cash from their $100 million dollar divorce pay-out and is building a massive mansion in North Palm Beach Florida.  I don’t blame her, after all he put her through, she deserves to live the fabulous life.


As Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra reports, construction continues at a good clip on the 21,309-square-foot behemoth that Nordegren is building in North Palm Beach, as exclusive aerial photos show.

The three-story beachfront mansion in the fancy Seminole Landing neighborhood should be ready for mom-of-two in late 2014!

Nordegren, 32, is believed to have made $100 million in her divorce from the golfer, whose life crumbled after his alleged cheating on former nanny Nordegren with porn stars, hookers, waitresses and neighbors came to light.

Nordegren bought the property for $12.2 million about a year ago, leveled the historic home in the dunes and started building the new nine-bedroom digs. Permit applications shows she is spending another $3,447,612!



Source/Pics: Gossip Extra,, Youtube

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