Affirmative Action Case Sent Back To Lower Supreme Court. Abigail Fischer Is Arguing Reverse Racism

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The Supreme Court Hears Hears Affirmative Action Case Regarding Admissions To Texas University


Abigail Noel Fisher sued the University of Texas in 2008 because she believed the University denied her admission because she was white.  She argued that she was more qualified than the minority applicants. The University defended it’s policy in Supreme Court and now in a 7-1 decision the court has ordered the case back to the lower courts for further review.  Abigail is arguing reverse racism.

university of teXAS

According to the NYTimes:

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday ordered lower courts to take a fresh look, under a more demanding standard, at the race-conscious admissions policy used to admit students to the University of Texas. The 7-to-1 decision was simultaneously modest and significant, and its recalibration of how courts review the constitutionality of affirmative action programs is likely to give rise to a wave of challenges to admissions programs at colleges and universities nationwide.

The brief decision, issued eight months after the case was argued, was almost surely the product of intense negotation among the justices. The compromise they reached was at least a reprieve for affirmative action in higher education, and civil rights groups that had feared for the future of race-conscious admission programs breathed a sigh of relief.

For now, the Texas program and other affirmative action programs can continue without changes.

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