A Young Actor/Writer Creates His Own Opportunity With His New Show: Brett & The City

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You know CNikky loves to support anyone who is willing to take charge of their destiny and create their own opportunity.  Brett Sanders and his creative team comprised of Darren Mallett and Ben Logan have created a new web series called Brett and The City. It’s a comedy series based on Brett’s wacky experiences as a copy machine salesman in New York.

Brett is a comedic actor and writer from Michigan, who like thousands of other young people, moved to New York to make it in the entertainment industry.  His partners Darren and Ben moved to NY from my hometown of Tampa, FL.  They both studied the art of film-making and Darren created a non-profit organization for minority children called the Agape Production Group, a non-profit dedicated to providing performance opportunities for young minority artist in Tampa, Florida.  ( Go head Darren!)

Creator/Writer & Star of B&TC, Brett Sanders
Darren Mallett – Director/Exec. Producer


Ben Logan – Assistant Director


It’s no surprise that competition is fierce in the entertainment industry and you will get 1,000 NO’s before you get the right YES.  So, these three men decided to join forces and create their own show, Brett and The City.  With Brett as the talent/exec. producer/creator and writer, Darren as the exec. producer/co-creator and director and Ben as the Assistant Director and exec. producer.  The series had it’s launch event recently and the cast and industry elite came out to support the show that is quickly gaining traction. B&TC already has fans like actors Malcom Jamal Warner and Vanessa Williams as well as award winning director/producer Mason Richards.

B&TC Actress Pearl Taylor with Award Winning Director Mason Richards at Premiere Party


Photographer Kamau and Actor Alex Kaplan At Premiere Party



We are happy to support Brett, Darren and Ben and we hope that you take the time to check out the series.  The only way to achieve your dream is to get off your butt and go after it!  So a round of applause to these gentlemen.  We wish you all the success in the world! You are Talent On The Rise!

You can go to www.Brettandthecity.com to view the series and find out how you can help them keep their dream alive.

Check out the introduction to the series below:



Photos: Kamau Studios

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