19 Year Old Miley Cyrus Engaged to 22 Year Old Liam Hemsworth

Posted by: cnikky


Congratulations are in order for 19 year old singer Miley Cyrus and her 22 year old fiance’ actor Liam Hemsworth.  The pair recently announced their engagement and Miley added “Life is Beautiful.”

Liam is still glowing off his new found fame after his starring role in the worldwide blockbuster The Hunger Games.  Miley has taken time off of recording and is just being a supportive girlfriend.  There is no doubt that the new attention Liam is getting from the millions of female Hunger Games fans probably played a part in this.  The pair have been dating on and off for the past 3 years.  Miley revealed to MTV on PUNK’D that Liam has a few anger issues.  It doesn’t seem like the most stable relationship, but obviously they’re happy?

The question everyone is asking is how young is too young to get married?  If you can’t even legally drink or rent a car, should you be tying the not for a rest of your life commitment?  How many of you remember what you wanted for your life and who you wanted to be with when you were 19?  Were you a completely different person that wanted different things by the time you were 25?  How about 30?

I’m not saying that you can’t really be in love when you’re 19, I was.  But, the type of love and comitment you feel for someone at 19 is completely different than that you feel after you’ve lived life and experienced things.  You grow, mature, are more sure of what you want and will put up with less!

I understand getting caught up in the fantasy of it all, we’ve all been crazy in love…But should they both give themselves a chance to grow up first?  At 19 and 22 were you ready for forever?

Congratulations on young love guys.  We honestly wish you the best!


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