13 Year Old Willow Smith Takes A Controversial Picture In Bed With A 20 Year Old Male Disney Star & Jada Pinkett Smith Responds!

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Willow Smith and Moises

Here we go….So, there is a picture of Willow Smith (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter) that went up earlier this week on instagram.  Apparently, the picture is of Willow Smith (in a tube top and jeans) laying on a bed with 20 year old, former Disney star (Hannah Montanna) Moises Arias.  Folks are in a tizzy over the pictures, saying that a 13 year old should not be laying in bed with a 20 year old man.  The pictures have since been removed from Moises instagram account.

Willow Smith and Moises


Well, Willow’s mom, Jada Pinkett Smith is responding and she thinks it is as ridiculous as we do.  Clearly, there is nothing sexual going on.  Willow is fully clothed and appears to be hanging out, watching tv with her longtime childhood friend.  Keep in mind, most Disney stars play characters much younger than their actual age, so they are used to being friends with younger kids.  Willow, Jaden and Moises have been good friends since they were little.

Willow Smith, Jaden Smith and Moises


Last night, on her way off of a flight at LAX, Jada stopped to comment on the reaction to her daughters picture.  She told TMZ:

“Here’s the deal. There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash on to it and you’re acting like covert pedophiles”


Watch Jada’s reaction below:


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